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. city attorney and george gascon held a press conference this amp. they say anyone caught breaking the law or causing damage will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with the mayhem that followed the giants win on sunday. city leaders say that vandals may be forced to pay for damages. >>> we have new video into our news room tonight of people breaking the windows out of a bus and stetting it on fire. the video showing you here was by a viewer who says he was at the corner of third and market sunday night. the cell phone camera recorded you can see someone hit the front window of that bus with a barricade, then someone, possibly several peerjs actually set the bus on fire. police say they're aware of video and pictures circulating on social media and are using them to help identify suspects. >>> when vandals set fire after the world series win on sunday night they ruaned larry moore's shoe shine stand at market street where he's been earning a living now for six years. >> my heart was broke because all the hard work and effort i put into it. i just don't understand why pe
of money for the city and also a little controversy. >>> happening now, firefighters are reporting progress on their efforts to contain a wildfire near clear lake. the so called 29 fire started just before 3:00 this afternoon along highway 29 above a street in the community of lower lake. calfire say it is fire has burned 300 acres and there are mandatory evacuations tonight for the mercy spring subdivision. the fire has also downed some power lines. calfire says right now the fire is only 20% contained. but if there is some good news is that crews say they have managed to halt the forward spread of the fire. at this point there are no reports of any injuries. >>> firefighters near santa barbara say a fire burning near the hills there is fully contained. the fire burned near some homes yesterday but that is no longer the case. firefighters said they are confidence the flames will not spread any further in fact, they say they have no crews on those fire lines tonight. >>> we uncover a lighting problem on bay area freeways. if you drive after dark you will notice dozens of signs that are supp
at a coffee shop. measure d will raise the minimum wage in the city of san jose from the $8 required by the state of california to $10. ancisco based company that already abides by a $10 minimum wage required by san francisco. the campus alliance for economic justice group, or cafe j, started the campaign last semester to raise the minimum wage. saul "we just feel like $8 is simply not enough and we believe that if you play by the rules and work hard like anyone else you should be able to get a living wage." s/o: the vote on measure d won't likely have many negative effect on franchises like philz here in downtown san jose, but smaller businesses like psycho donuts fear they may have to close their doors if the measure is passed. mezcal restaurant in downtown san jose is a small business owned by adolfo gomez. gomez is worried that a negative domino affect will occur if the measure gets passed and he has to raise his prices in order to pay his employees higher wages. if a higher minimum wage becomes law in san jose, it would be the largest city in california to do so. some wonder if
at least two years following its scheduled opening next year. san francisco would be the host city, but here's how the selection process works. santa clara will first vie with miami to host super bowl 15 in 2016. the losing state will then go head to head with houston to host super bowl 51 the following year. final vote is expected to take place next mae. last year's super bowl ma donna headlined. the act shows us this season game in february. >>> continuing coverage of this evening's memorial service for ambassador chris stephens. sharing memories of the man graduating from uc berkeley and law school before serving his country in libya. david stevenson is in san francisco now where the event is a rotunda there in city hall. >> gasia, ambassador stevens had strong ties to the bay area and those paying tribute to him at city hall from federal to international citizens. the crowd heard from former u.s. secretary of state, representative barbara lee out of oakland and the lib yan ambassador to the united states. organizers plan for a thousand guests at city hall. the service came toge
. and downtown, noelle walker with a look at how the city is getting into the spirit. >> reporter: every good party needs some mood lighting so check this out, we have a theme going here. so we asked the experts how did they do that? san francisco has a reputation for being a colorful city but at night it's just one color. >> we call it giant's orange. >> reporter: jim kidd is electrician at the auditorium. where they change lights more often than the seasons. >> that's st. patty's day right there. >> reporter: they use spotlights to give the auditorium its light. >> we try to do what city hall is doing so we can match. >> reporter: san francisco is wash in orange. >> today is going to be fantastic. >> reporter: john hunkiewicz made coit tower look like a orange pop cicle. sitting the color orange is sate to stand for vitality and endurance. >> while the giants keep winning they will stay orange. >> reporter: noelle walker. >> the world series picks up with game three tomorrow in detroit. the first pitch coming at 5:07 our time. while the team is away, san francisco city officials are gearin
saturday. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening now, tension at oakland city hall where in the last few minutes dozens of people have been sdod leave city council chambers following some heated exchanges over a police shooting. this is a live look right now outside the meeting. protesters are demanding the police report on a shooting back in may that took the life of 18-year-old alan blooper. we are told the protesters got a copy of that report and protesters are still not happy. our crew was there earlier tonight and some protesters were kept out of the council meeting [ crowd chanting ] . >> the gallery and balcony inside the council chambers have been shut down. the city calls it a security precaution. we caught up with blooper's father about an hour ago as he marched with demonstrators. >> my thing is not to take over the city hall meeting. we want to make sure the city hall is aware of my son's death and doing something about it. >> two weeks ago a group of protesters interrupted the city council meeting forcing it to end early. >>> police in oakland are now investigating their fif
those statistics. city services may have been cut back, but the city's homicide rates continue to move forward. ">>>thirty six people have been killed so far in san jose this year, last year the total was 39. the city is on pace to break its own 15 year homicide record, with only three months left in the year. s-j-s-u alumni, wilson kong, says the campus community is heavily affected by crime around the city because of its location and the lack of city services. wilson kong: "last year i graduated and i lived in downtown san jose, by 11th and reed. that's when the cops were being pulled out of the city and that's when the city laid off a lot of cops." kong was good friends with s-j-s-u student kristina pandula, who was murdered in a double homicide in october of last year. the number of patrol officers in the streets of san jose has been cut back, the latest killing shattered san jose's six-week relief from violence that followed a deadly eleven day stretch of homicides. jason dwyer: "these numbers, they jump around quite a bit. so you've got homicides, you've got auto-thefts; you've g
officer says he suffered retaliation and is now suing the city. >> complete bay area yeah news news coverage starts right now. >>> good evening. it is wednesday october 24th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news ot 7:00. well, demonstrators are being told to carry shields and the city of oakland is getting ready. a protest planned for tomorrow marks the first anniversary of occupy oakland's vie leapt clash with law enforcement one year ago. new at 7:00 with how the city says things will be different this year. >> well, police are planning to try to keep protesters off the new grass here at franco plaza and they say they will definitely enforce no camping and no violence. >> unforgettable images of tear gas, shattered glass, and anger bubbling over. tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of the violent clash between police and protesters here at franco galo plaza. occupy oakland demonstrations are planned for tomorrow. attendeess are being asked to bring tents and shields. city officials and police who took a lot of criticism for their response last year say this time arou
, no peace. >> reporter: inside chambers city council president larry reed was shouted down by protests. one person who did get hurt was anne blufford. she says this is the third council meeting she's attended to try to get answered to find out what happened to her son. today she demanded the police report. >> alan is gone. she's not coming back. he can't speak for himself. but i'm here to speak for him. i want that report as his mother. i want to know what happened to my son. >> reporter: brooks promised help to the blufford family but promised to work with the city to make changes. >> but don't you come in here because that didn't change anything. >> reporter: during ruckus meeting, reed offered his copy to blufford father. >> adam, do you want my copy. >> reporter: the blufford family and supporters filedded out. blufford showed us the paper work. >> >> reporter: that's what he gave you. >> yes, but it's a relief to have it. it's just a lot of questions. >> reporter: the protesters said that two months is too long to get answers. >>> a wave of violence on bay area streets. the shootings i
. they watched their team win the world series on a huge jumbotron screen right in front of city hall. tonight the city is still aglow in orange and people are having a great time. sweep! sweep! sweep! >> reporter: you can hear them chanting sweep! sweep! and the party continues in san francisco lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news [ applause ] >> this was the scene outside the at&t park when the scene exploded after the game. fans were showing off their brooms and new world series t- shirts. our crew at at&t park says the party there shows no signs of slowing down. world series exuberance is getting out of hand at 7th and market streets in san francisco. a ktvu photographer took pictures of people jumping on top of a muni bus. we showed you pictures a short time did ago from news chopper 2. there is apparently one terrified person inside the bus trying to make a phone call. a viewer sent us video of a vehicle flipped over. this is the kind of activity that will keep police busy and lead to some arrests. >>> we want to take a look and relive how we got it here with our sports director mark ib
state boarding, that's the place to be. happening now, paul chambers live isn't the city where the new tour has taken root and will do so through sunday. hi, paul. >> hey, gasia. one of those things you've got to see to believe so let me show you right now. civic center plaza has totally transformed. they're actually practice r for about an hour from now and there will be up and down the street from city hall and many but not to all. >> action sports at scompleets they'll be in san francisco for the next four days doing tricks and showing off their skills, competing in several sports including bmx and street fight coursers. >> this event progresses fast so if you're doing the winning run you did last year and won, you're going to get dead last and not qualify for next year. >> want today come to san francisco for some time now and instead of adapting the city to fit their style, decided to switch them up. >> we actually designed them to fit within civic center plaza. >> that's a bone of contention for one leader. the general public will have limited use of the plaza for roughly two wee
student michelle le. what her family says about the decision. >>> and a south bay city tries tackle homelessness head on. why some call the effort misguided . >> xreet bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >>> good evening. it's monday, october 29th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. superstorm sandy moved to shore in just the past two hours near atlantic city, new jersey. the massive storm is pounding the eastern sea board and already prompted officials to shut down public transportation in new york, washington, and philadelphia. reporter karen cleed is live now in manhattan to tell us and show us what it's like there right now. good evening, karen. >> sandy has made land fall wreaking havoc in her path. tonight the waiting game is over . >> the storm is intensifying along the east coast. the worst of its kind in nearly a century. >> this is the most catastrophic event that we have faced and been able to plan for in any of our lifetimes. >> sandy could be historic seen here stretching up the atlantic from the international spa
had more fun than what i had this year. >> unbelievable feeling. this city definitely deserves this, let alone our team, everything we've been through. >> tonight the players say they want to get much needed sleep and save their energy for the big parade down market street on wednesday. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu channel two news. >>> more details now from sfo where the plane was greeted with water cannons. and bruce bochy emerged carrying that much coveted trophy. the team's family traveled with the family which will make memories that will no doubtedly last a lifetime. and they're expecting bigger crowds in the hours before wednesday's victory parade. authorities are also warning the public about counter fit gear. it's a low quality product that often pumps money into the wrong hands. work is on the way for victory parades. we found crews working on crews when we visited today. the rout that the parade will take through downtown san francisco and the big change from two years ago. >> the giants sweep sent thousands of fans out into the streets of san francisco with so
san francisco, the city is hosting more than half a dozen events from sweet week to america's baseball play off games so that means huge crowds coming to town. how officials plan to deal with the potential transit and traffic nightmares. shan na. >> that's right. just imagine the population of san francisco doubling. that's about how many people are expected here in the next ten days, and you can see the signs up already warning people they're going to take one of these traffic lanes and turn it over to bike rides and maybe a bike ride or take public transit. expect lain closures, de tours and a lot of heavy traffic through the city. >> san francisco is only about seven square miles. this week huge crowds could have the city bursting at its seems. an estimated 1 million people are expected to come to town. >> i'm not driving this week. definitely not. >> fleet week kicks off thursday and is expect today attract a couple hundred thousand people this weekend and the waterfront won't be the only hot spot. the hardly bluegrass festival will draw hundreds of thousands to golden gate park. s
: the city of concord confirms police investigated the property and the owner is following the law. we can tell you other cities in california have explored ordnances that will regulate how and where medical marijuana may be grown. eric rasmussen. >>> new at 10:00, contra costa officials have identified the man who died of rabies. health officials say he likely came in contact with a bat in southern contra costa county back in march. this is the county's first death from rabies in almost 20 years. >>> california's new ban against conversion therapy used to tray gay teenagers is now the subject of two federal lawsuits. christian legal group liberty council filed a lawsuit. therapists claim it can change the sexual orientation of teens. the conservative pacific justice institute also filed suit. the ban would take effect january 1st. >>> tonight at 10:25 the story of a gay teen in a battle with the boy scouts. his family's fight for his eagle rank and where they are taking it. >>> albany police are releasing new information tonight about the popular teacher who was arrested molestation charg
the city. meanwhile, the officers are under investigation tonight. >>> we caught up with oakland mayor gene quan. she says chief jordan made fair and balanced recommendation. >> there's the outside general report and also the inside internal recommendation, that's key to me whether or not the oakland police can investigate itself and come up with findings that are fair. >> reporter: mayor quan says the city plans to have a ruling on all complaints by october 25th which is the one year deadline required by state law. >>> new at 10:00, city leaders in concord are looking into ways to crack down on outdoor medical marijuana grows after seeing our report about a backyard pot operation last week. eric rasmussen is live in concord and figures out concord isn't the only city where neighbors are reporting problems. erick. >> reporter: right prong, we just heard about another backyard grow -- right frank, we just heard about another backyard grow possibly bigger than the one we saw in concord. they are both legal. it's what's under this large plastic at the present time in the backyard of a house in
the world champion san francisco giants. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. city officials tell us they expect 1 million people. but this time the ticketer parade falls on halloween. cara liu is live where the stage is set for a long celebration. >> reporter: a lot of preparations under way all day. night now even at this late hour a lot of excited fans wearing a lot of orange and black. even a dog wearing a panda costume in the crowd here. a bunch of people trying to take pictures and take it all in before tomorrow's frenzy. >> reporter: die-hard fans are already out here at city hall with blankets staking out a front row seat. >> i think to be a great view. i'm a season ticketholder. >> reporter: balloons and banners went up. workers spent the afternoon lining the parade rout with barriers and posting ho parking signs on and around market street. san francisco -- posting no parking signs on and around market street. >> we haven't had problems knock wood on halloween night for a while. >> reporter: officers will only have a few hours between is the parade and hal
celebration of a half century of america's unofficial holiday. >> reporter: the nfl says former host cities reported a 300 to $600 million boost to the local economy. >> money, money, money. >> reporter: the 49er fans got their autograph and a punter is getting a kick out of a possible super bowl here. >> it'd be nice to be the one playing in it too. that'd be really cool. >> reporter: 49 earns chief executive office said nothing brings a region together like a super bowl. now we have to wait to get -- for the owners who are expected to pick the host of super bowl 50 and 51 in may. >> coming up tonight at 10:30, a grand sendoff for the san francisco giants as they take their quest for a pennant on the road. the question of whether injured marco scutaro will play tomorrow. >> police have arrested a seventh suspect in connection with the city's thirteenth homicide of the year. angel lamas was involved in a fight in april that killed 14- year-old alberto reyes. six other suspects have been arrested. investigators say the homicide may have been gang related. >>> billy brooks jr. has been identi
to be located on peers 30 and 32. new at 7:00 chambers live in the city with a sneak peek at the design and the hurdles that may still get in the way. >> gasia, five years from now will be a state of the art multi-purpose facility that will hold 17,500 seats. home of the nba's golden state warriors back on the eastern most edge of piers 30, 32, but doing that won't be easy. >> the pier itself needs to be stable sxiedz that's an important pafrt of the project and at this point in time the owners of the warriors are spending about $100 million just to stabilize the pier. >> the team is putting 100% of the bill through private finances. it will be surrounded by retalt shops and at least 50% of the site will have dedicated open space. >> 7 acres of the design that we unveiled today is going to be brand new space really reclaiming this beautiful part of our waterfront so that means we're exposing about 8 thousand square feet of water that currently is covered over by the pier today. we're actually working much harder to expose more water. >> the designer says they don't want to take away fro
of work to do. >> reporter: the city has a lot of work ahead. the mayor's office want to televised some of the away games on civic center plaza. >> we came at for the last world series. it is great, a lot of fun. >> reporter: as many as 7,000 people gather inside 2010 to watch on a giant t shr-rbgs as the giants got the title in texas. >> we happen -- tv as the giants got the title in texas. >> we we put in for the request. it has to be an away game and it has to be a clincher. >> reporter: and word of a parade. public safety agents are now looking at this after action parade report. it details what went right and what went wrong. it calls for better planning and access lanes for the disabled and medical personnel. >> we are going to coordinate to put something together quickly but we don't want to talk about it yet because we don't want to jinx ourselves. >> reporter: in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvus channel 2 news. >>> and you can -- ktvu channel 2 news. >>> you can watch the game live on channel 2. coverage starts at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. the first pitch is at 5:07. >>
the end of next year. >> authorities in new york city arrested a man from bangladesh today and charged him with a terrorist plot to blow up manhattan's federal reserve building. federal prosecutors say the man parked what he thought was a car bomb this morning and then tried to detonate. the plan failed because the fbi set up an elaborate sting operation. they say the suspect was on a mission to destroy america. >> he got a student visa under the pretext of being a student in college in missouri. >> authorities identify the man as 21-year-old nafiss. agents tracked him after he posted comments about jihad on the internet. he's being held without bail. he did not enter a plea to the charges of attempting to use a weapon of mass introduction. >> a construction worker who fell down an elevator shaft is out of surgery tonight and in stable condition. the 46-year-old man was installing safety barricades around an open elevator shaft in palo alto when he fell about 30 feet to the bottom. the company doing the construction plans to conduct an investigation. >>> investigators say they're waiting f
in front of city hall. you see here dozens of people are gathered there preparing for a march that's set to start at any moment. all is calm so far and has been until this point. now, police are out in force after someone posted fliers telling people to bring shields to the march. our tara lou was on the ground for us. she's live right near 14th and broadway. tell us about one incident that's already transpired. >> well, we've definitely seen this crowd get rield up once already. right now we're looking at maybe about 150 protesters out here, a strong police presence, as well. police say they plan to allow people to exercise their first amendment rights but peacefully. >> this man dressed in white and wearing a mask angers many in this crowd with a sign that said white power. dozens began chasing him around frank ogawa plaza several protesters urge it had group thot to take him out. >> they're not getting violent. nobody is going to get violent. >> demonstrators began gathering for the occupy oakland march writing messages in chalk and holding signs. many were her one year ago when polic
will be dropping. >>> ktvu's cara liu reports the city approved event turned into several calls to police. >> that was so fun. >> reporter: but not everyone was happy the rave went until 2:00 a.m. >> i was like when is this going to end. i was really, i was very angry. >> reporter: rena pavao says her house rattled and the noise was abnoxious. even though she lives two miles from. >> here at steve's home. it was a similar story. >> the medicine cabinet was shaking. you could hear the thumping pretty good. i was a little upset that it was an outdoor event that lasted until 2:00. if it was 11:00 it would have been okay. >> it's what young people want. it isn't going away. >> reporter: kevin wilkin is the event producer. >> it's as loud as an aircraft. >> reporter: he says their permit did not include noise restrictions. >> if you can put up once a year that would be gone. i promise not to do it every week. >> reporter: organizers tell me they were told to point the noise west so folks here in alameda likely got it the worse. a lot of people want it gone if not more control. >>> the oakland
visitors and locals, the city is feeling the boost. >> we notice the bump in 2010 and we're expecting the same thing. revenue comes in because we're so close. it really brings in business. >> reporter: it was just no earlier and the energy is amazing. it's just fantastic. not just the giants but there were also some people with the tigers. >>> the field at at&t park is drying out after last night's rainstorm. and the giants players are drying off after the shower of champagne in the locker room. barry zito is the giant's starting pitcher for game one and justin verlander one of the top pitchers in all of baseball got the nod for the tigers. ktvu's mark ibanez tells us both teams held a light work out this afternoon at the tigers sat on the tarmac finding out who they would be playing. >> i think they knew fairly early after getting off to a close lead who and where they would be going. no one that was at at&t will ever forget it. too bad for the fans not too much time to enjoy it. the tigers are in town to familiarize themselves with at&t. they've had five days off since they elimina
in very slow crowd pleasing altitudes. >>> anyone who drove into the city today likely spent a lot of time in traffic. ktvu's christien kafton joins us live from the city on just how people got around. >> reporter: you can see giant fans here making their way from at&t park. tonight's game mark it is end of a wild weekend making its way in and around town. >> the platform is very crowded, still downstairs. >> reporter: one look at the packed platforms and it was easy to see how b.a.r.t. broke its weekend ridership with 3,000 passengers. regular drivers said the trains were as crushed as any rush hour. >> coming in was a piece of cake. it was fine, nothing i can't handle. >> reporter: this is what those b.a.r.t. riders were hoping to avoid, back ups coming in and going outs of san francisco. >> it's crazy right now. i'm going to drive by the giant's game to see what's going on. >> reporter: on public transit. muni transits were packed. surprising even seasoned veterans. >> the busiest i've ever seen it. >> reporter: passengers say despite the tight conditions they managed to get where the
here live you can see there are police officers monitoring the situation here at city hall and frank ogawa plaza. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> >> from amber we go now to cara liu with more on the occupy anniversary, cara. >> reporter: amongst the nearly 200 people who are out here marching tonight from this plaza one face in the crowd stood out. a young man in a wheelchair who was hurt during the demonstration almost exactly a year ago. in this crowd of demonstrators marching through downtown oak -- oakland is scott olson. one year ago, olson became one of the faces of the local movement. the iraq war veteran was severely injured after a projectile hit him in the head. police recently confirmed that projectile was a bean bag fired by an oakland police officer. >> i still have a hard time believing that oakland police officers would shoot a veteran who is doing nothing wrong. i still have a hard time believing that. we're here to hold them accountable tonight and to make them answer for their ages. >> reporter: olsen says he is still recovering from a traumatic
live in the city. we're live by the truck painted orange in honor of the san francisco giants. people come to the street food park to come to the game and to eat great food and cheer on the giants. >> let's go giants! >> reporter: this is what it looked like here when they won. you can see all kinds of delicacies from peruvian to italian, a couple hundred fans enjoyed game 3 of the world series while gnashing in a friendly atmosphere. >> such a nice day. such a san francisco day. beautiful out here. good people. good food everywhere. >> you know, i usually go to the bar scenes and watch it by the ballpark but i want a different scene. i find that the food truck situation here, it's exactly the same kind of vibe and intensity and great food. >> my favorite thing about watching here, everywhere you look you see a furry friend. that is a huge plus for pet. >> reporter: back out here live the selma street food park is open again tomorrow and have game 4 on all of the screens. reporting live in san francisco, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> if you want to relive some of the h
, city hall, a police station and the oak labd tribune building. a member to have city council says protests have cost the city over $7 million over the last year. he also had harsh words for the mayor. >> this mayor cannot continue hiding and cannot continue not taking a position, a very public position. same with some of the council members. >> police say the destruction started when a group of violent protesters took other the peaceful group afghans for peace. >>> suspended san francisco sheriff should learn tomorrow if he gets to keep his job or if he'll be forced out. inciting domestic violence rally on the step of city hall today. they want the supervisors to remove mir kree mee. mir kree mee was suspend affidavit arguing with his wife. the ethics committee decided he was guilty of official misconduct. >>> a nobel prize was handed out to a pioneer and anatomy professor. 50-year-old contributed to a discovery that cells in the body can be reprogrammed. that raises the possibility that scientists could one day grow new tissue or organs for transplant. it could also eliminate the
breaks. email them to, or post them to our facebook wall. >>> in san francisco, city hall is still buzzing tonight after the board of supervisors failed to muster the votes to remove ross mirkarimi from his post as sheriff. both mirkarimi, and a bitterly dispointed mayor, ed lee are pledging to move on. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi arrived at about 3:00 this afternoon. >> it's a new day we want to move forward. it is his first appearance here, since he was suspended from the job in march, after pleading guilty to false imprisonment. supervisors put him back in the post. >> this whole open society could have been avoted by mr. mirkarimi not having at all engaged in the conduct that he was found to have engaged in. >> mayor lee made it clear there are hard feelings. >> we're all fulfilling our legal obligations to work together. this city requires us to work together. i'm continue doing that. >> i took the mayor quiet seriously that when he was on the stand during the ethics deliberations, under oath he said that can he work with me upon being reinstated and his answer was y
in february on the 1.7-mile stretch of subway connecting south of market to china town. the city's mayor says the subway is a crucial piece of san francisco's transportation future. >> it's going to significantly improve the movement of tens of thousands of san franciscos. >> o poebts filed a lawsuit yesterday seeking to block the subway. the new subway station at union square would replace part of the park, something he says would require voter aprol. his group called the project a big waste of money. >> if we can shift it all the existing resources into helping right away, everybody in the city would benefit. >> san francisco's mayor says he's not worried the suit will de rail the project. >> i think -- i know that there's a theory they're working about not having a station on union square, i think that borders only bik louse so i think we're be successful in de fending against it. >> if all goes according to plan, it will open up in 2017 but opponents still want to take the issue directly to voters and hope to get a ballot before voters next year. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a san francisco s
expected to attract a million people to the city. for anyone thinking of attending, there's a warning from officials, plan ahead and bring your patience. we have live team coverage. tell us about fleet week events. with begin with matt keller on the crush of people descending on the family. >> reporter: we're here at at&t park. expected to bring traffic to a standstill. >> performed for thousands of people in golden gate park to end the first day of the bluegrass festival. >> it was a huge event. been mellow. >> with events like this all across the city. the traffic will be anything but mellow. expecting a million visitors this weekend for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. cup races, castro street fair and playoff games. >> if anything else, take public transportation. >> police and transportation officials recommend you do the same. extra bart cars, buses, fer ees and taxi's are being put into service. several streets around golden gate park and all but one. . >> i know it's convenient to drive into the city. once you get into the city, you may find it's as convenient as to take pu
mark the spot at very edge of the city where people come to take in the scenic views. police say money came to break into a car. >> one of our officers witnessed someone trying to break into a vehicle. when he approached that person, the suspect tried to run him over with a vehicle. >> reporter: that is when the u.s. park police officer fired his gun, several times, hitting the suspect vehicle. >> the suspect left the area. we have done a search for the vehicle, but have not yet found it. >> reporter: tonight police set up roadblocks, checking cars, letting only presidio residents through. >> we take the safety of our officers and the visitoors very seriously and at all-times we were looking to as we continue to keep this closure we're looking to keep everybody safe. >> reporter: so you are looking at the flashpoint of this investigation. that is the vehicle that the suspect, police say was trying to break into at the time the officer fired his weapon. again, lincoln boulevard closed between colby and the 25th avenue gate for the next several hours in case you v- happen to have to t
, heather holmes is live outside the event with the reception he has received in the city. heather. >> reporter: the president just wrapped up the remarks. he spoke to the crowd for about 30 minutes. if you take a look you can see people are beginning to file out. while most were on their feet when john legend was preforming they erupted when the president took to the stage and he calls on them to continue their support and the final 29 days of this campaign. >> we are here because we have work to do. we are here because we have the election to win. we are here because everything we fought for since 2008 is onto line in 2012. i'm going need your help to finish what we started. >> obama. we love you. >> the excitement was high. the line long outside the center outside the 6,000 people who spent up to $7,500 for the concert rally. >> i think obama amazing. i want to get all the support i can and i will seat president. >> reporter: he used the event to rev up the supporters after new polls show the race tightening with romney after his strong show in the debate. >> romney. we wer
. >> family violence is an epidemic in this city and in this country. it's serious because it truly harms families. >> reporter: immediately after both sides made their cases hundreds of speakers lined up. the majority of them voicing their support for mirkarimi. >> i hope that you reinstate ross to the job. >> reporter: now the supervisors have to reach a supermajority of nine out of 11 to remove mirkarimi. that rule could come hours from now. we will have team coverage for you on this tonight at 10:00 on channel 2. for now we're live in san francisco christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can also stay current by going to for more on the ross mirkarimi hearing. for more look on the tab we posted there on our top page. >>> prosecutors made public a report finding that a police officer was justified when he shot and killed 19-year-old blufford. the 18 page report says both video evidence and witnesses confirm blufford was armed with a semi automatic pistol that he pointed at officer maso. it also says that blufford continued to point the gun at the officers after he was wo
i just came down from the second floor here at city hall and i can now tell you that we are minutes away from a decision in this headline grabbing case. right now each of the supervisors is stating on the record how he or she will vote. and right before i came down here it was one in favor of ousting ross mirkarimi, one against. all of this coming after supervisors heard from people and from attorneys on both sides of this case. >> the sheriff's misconduct was really quite serious. >> reporter: sherry kaiser told the supervisors tonight that their decision was easy. and that his guilty plea to misdemeanor. >> to protect victims of domestic violence. >> reporter: but mirkarimi's attorney disagreed and said that the incident had nothing to do with the sheriff. and that the mayor went over his authority when he suspended the sheriff. the legal explanation didn't take long but public comment stretched on for hours tonight. with the sheriff's supporters showing up in force. >> we store what has been stolen from0s -- from ross and the voters that elected him. >> you notice it's about 40
city that is seeing homicide climb. >> and a popular restaurant goes up in flames. >>> good evening. it's friday, october 12th. i'm gasia mikaelian. a surprise announcement today from oakland's police of chief. he plans to discipline two offers for their actions in the occupy protest months ago. thrive oakland to tell us about the punishments. noel,. >> the police chief released this report. the report also outlines more than a thousand complaints about officer's actions during occupy protest. the most the department has ever received. some come from people watching news coverage over seas. october 25th 2011 looks more like a war zone. one camp of why today oakland police chief admitted some of his officernot act appropriately. >> we expect them to follow the policies of the department and where they don't do that we'll hold them accountable. >> reporter: the chief is recommended disciplinary action against 44 officers. >> we take their complaints seriously and the complaint system does work. so when people feel they've been wronged by the police. we will investigate. >> they did ab
&t park. and around much of the city. ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo with more. >> reporter: the high clouds have been on increase. we start out with clear skies. mostly cloudy skies. for tomorrow the clouds clearing out to near the shoreline. temperatures in downtown san francisco, approaching the 60s throughout the afternoon hours. so here's the forecast for game two of the nlcs. you can see partly sunny skies. temperatures mainly in the lower 60s, 62 degrees. winds approaching 60 miles per hour. a bit of a breeze out there but once again a nice forecast for game two of the series. we'll probably have those beautiful aerial shots once again of the ballpark and surrounding bay waters. coming up i'll let you know when san francisco warms back up into the 80s. your forecast coming up in a little bit. >>> our giant's coverage continues online. you can go to and click on the mlb play offs tab for news, video and pictures. >>> in other news tonight, b.a.r.t. shut down service for more than an hour this evening after a man walked into the transbay tube between san francisco and ea
again. she's trying to shake that thing off her face. >> she's just like the girls in "sex and the city." they gave her aixed drink. >> i have seen o "sex and the city." i don't think they look like that. i think she might be dressed up like a stripper. >> she has on lipstick. >> and she has dollar bills stuffed into her garments. she's a stripper. >>> i'm going to throw off your perception. >> are we going to the fourth dimension? >> you might feel like it. >> okay. >> this is an art installation called "demon hill" and was created by an l.a. artist. it's currently on display at the harris lieberman gallery in new york city. it looks like you're standing inside the wooden box. >> he's doing the michael jackson move from "smooth criminal." well, my perception is off, beth. you were right. >> looks like he's walking up stairs, but he's on a flat surface. >> so is it slanted this way? >> let me show you the outer workings. the room is actually set up on different angles, but inside the room it looks like a regular room. >> i'm not a scientist, nor have i ever pretended to be one, but real
if the team breaks the lease and leaves early for san jose or some other city. >>> we have some developments tonight in the east bay where there is word of an officer-involved shooting. news chopper 2 flew over the caltrain yard in san jose just minutes ago. we are working to get information, and what we've been told so far is that a san mateo county transit authority officer fired his weapon while the train was in san jose. we've also been told that one person was wounded and has been taken away. caltrain has stopped northbound service in the area not far from the station. >>> new at 7:00, the search for the person or persons throwing objects at vehicles from an overpass above highway 4 in contra costa county. live in antioch tells us three vehicles have been hit here and one person was injured. >> investigators say even a small rock like this can do a lot of damage and all of the vehicles including an ambulance were hit here near the g street overpass. i tracked down the ambulance company and got photos of the damage. >> on monday about 9:00 p.m. an amr ambulance was heading east on highwa
. it happened in the 300 block of folk stone way in the city's glen cove neighborhood. the shooter and the two victims were neighbors, and all of them knew each other. the three though apparently got into some type of argument, one of the three men pulled out a gun and shot the other two right on the front lawn of a home. at this point, no names have been released, the alleged gunman though, is in custody. >>> a man trespass on the train tracks in san jose is in the hospital tonight after being shot by a sheriff's deputy. it happened during rush hour on the train tracks of lensen avenue in downtown san jose. that's where ktvu's heather holmes is tonight. to explain how this bizarre chain of events has unfolded. >> it was near this station at the height of the evening commute with that man was spotted laying on the train tracks. the resident that fled the sheriff's deputy arming himself with things he got on the ground along the way. >> reporter: the isolated area along the caltrain tracks where the confrontation between a san mateo county sheriff's deputy and is suspicious man came to an end a
thanks to a big infusion of the federal funding. city leaders were on hand when they announced that the federal government, they would provide $954 million. they said that the project will be about much more than just money. >> it's about jobs, it's about commerce, it's about quality there, quality of life. it is about building up the infrastructure of the america. they will link them to china town as completion will be expected in seven years. they have their opponents too. one group filed the lawsuit to stop it because of the impact here on the union square. >>> issuing some good news today. they said that 53% of the schools across california, they either met or surpassed that test goal this year, a 4% increase this year. only 20% of the schools met that there. they said that the schools met the challenge despite their obstacles created by the budget cuts. the students are not necessarily learning more, but getting better at taking tests instead. we posted a link with details on all bay area schools. just scroll down to the web link section. >>> the stock markets rallied on e
for the next three games. we have team coverage tonight. ken pritchett in the city with some very exciting fans but we will start with mark ibanez. >> reporter: thanks a lot frank it's very quiet right now. but early this evening the giant was jumping. and finally after three consecutive season losses, giant fans were hungry for some action and soon after, they would be hungry to be angry as matt holiday goes in hard at second base on marco scutero on the very first-inning trying to break up a double play and the giants were not able to turn it. you judge for yourself. dirty play by matt holiday or just good clean hard baseball. there were differing opinions about that. you will hear from buster posey in a minute. but marco scutero stayed in the game for a while and delivers the big hit in the. the bases were loaded and then matt holiday himself right in the middle of the controversy boots the ball himself in the middle of the out field. here's buster posey talks about the play. >> i think it was late. i don't think there was any question that it was late. i don't think the intention was
city. >> reporter: julie, desperate, the department will soon conduct an aerial search of the coastline, because personal items have yet to turn up any leads. the state beach is known as a great spot for hiking. it was hikers who found the body floating in the water on sunday. >> we're in the process right now of trying to identify her. >> reporter: that has proven to be difficult. >> this one is from mountain view pd. >> reporter: a search of state and national missing persons reports has yet to turn up a match for this caucasian girl from 12 to 16 years of age. >> based on the time she's been in the water is very concerning. >> reporter: leading to many questions about what exactly took place along the picturesque san mateo county coast. >> maybe she was with somebody else, such as a car. or they could have been on the coast and something happened. >> reporter: raising the possibility of more victims. the girl was also wearing this timex digital watch. she also had a full set of braces. investigators are now working on several theories, soon, efforts to identify this
and the castro street fair. anyone heading to the city should plan ahead. >> it will not be available. there will be a lot of people on the roads causing traffic delays. >> transportation officials say they will be add trains, buses and ferries to get the people around town. you can go to to read more, click on the weekend extra tab right there on our home page. >>> the authorities in hayward say a police officer fired on a suspected car theft today. the shooting happened at 11:30 a.m. near tree view elementary. according to the police, the police officer approached a parked car with the suspect in the driver's seat. the officer says the suspect refused to commy with the officer's demands -- comply with the officer's demands. he had what appeared to be a weapon. >> the officer fearing that the suspect was arming himself was forced to use lethal force. >> later, the police said there was a weapon in the car within reach. the authorities have not said what type of weapon it was. the name of the suspect has not been released. >> new at 7:00. the call for a firing of the oakland
one of almost 100 people across the state including 14 in union city caught up in a sting this week by the contractor state license board. >> we are running a sting. >> it is a sting. >> do you have any identification on you at all? >> reporter: investigators the 92 people arrested may face one or more misdemeanor charges for contracting without a license, illegal advertising and requesting an excessive down payment. the contractor board says these people put homeowners at serious risk if a worker is injured on their property. >> and if you hire someone who is not licensed you don't know what kind of job they were going to do. >> scam was not going through my head. charming and maybe -- maybe i can get the house painted, you know. >> reporter: a retired teacher paid $4400 to wilson to participate her house. instead of a nice new look she says she was ripped off. shoty work, the job half done and the feeling she should of known better. >> stupid. i mean stupid. hello. >> reporter: but the contractor state license board says wilson is get at getting people to trust him but bad at d
:23 states that a woman's husband is respected at the city gates so you see in this picture she made a sign that says "dan is awesome" and stood at the city limits sign. >> basically she turned herself into a servant. >> yes. her goal was to showcase that this is a very different kind of life than women actually lead today so evangelicals might open their minds a little bit more and women could be accepted in leadership roles in the church. but she went through this process for an entire year. she said some of it was fun, some of it was funny and some of it was just purely terrible. she had to learn how to make her own clothes. she does have her head covered. the book is set to come out on october 30th and many christian bookstores have picked up this book. one of the major christian bookstores, lifeway have chosen not to carry the book because of her use of the word "vagina." she said i'm not sure if they're afraid of my vagina or my brain. afraid of myb%m9ina or my brain. >>> a security camera at a gas station in philadelphia captures this station wagon pulling into the gas station. the d
a city not far away from mexico city. >> what the heck was that? >> a rocket? >> did they fire a rocket into the volcano. >> no. >> shooting down laser beams. could be. this is a ufo that the video was reported by a tv station from a camera that is trained on the volcano to keep an eye on the volcano and they captured this. >> what's weird to me, though, yeah, you see it go in, but you don't see any sort of reaction, or any debris shoot up in the air, which makes me think maybe it's something with the lens or something. >> it's too much like a cylinder to be a meteor. >> some astronomers and theorists are saying they don't believe it to be a meteor, because that would have left some sort of trail. they don't believe it's any kind of volcanic debris because the volcano isn't shooting stuff up aand out. one theory, a problem with the camera or just a natural phenomena. >> what the heck does that mean? >> does this look similar to what i just showed you in mexico? from an an check astronomer alan who observed this thing two hours. says it's not moving. he's moving. he's trying to shoot vid
and is scheduled to be sentenced november 8th. >>> a redwood city man was laid to rest today with full military honors along with six other world war ii veterans [ taps playing ] . >> james was a young marine playing over the south pacific in 1944. today arlington national cemetery and his family was there as he and his comrades were finally laid to rest. the wreckage of the plane was discovered in 1944. it took almost two decades to identify the remains of the seven marines. >>> a deadly men anyone jie tis outbreak. five people in six states have died from a rare fun gal form of the disease. none are reported in california. authorities say the outbreak has been linked to the new england compounding center. the center for disease control is telling healthcare providers to stop products. >>> fresno county is reporting a second west nile fatality of the year. health officials have not identified the victim but say it is a woman who died last month. her family has requested no further de tails be released. fresno county reported a total of 16 human west nile cases this year. >>> well, it was a you
of the union city strip mall. flames broke out just after 1:00 a.m. on al have a raw doe boulevard. nearly a dozen businesses and multiple restaurants were damage dz in this fire. nthers say that flames spread through the attic and burned for hours before they were spotted. the fire was contained by 3:30 but fire crews stayed at the mall throughout the morning to check for hot spots. >> we lost a lot of businesses but then again we saved a lot of businesses and that's your goal, to save property and life. >> the roof of the mall collapsed before the fire was contained. no damagest mat just yet. >>> a fire is being investigateed in richmond tonight. it started just after 2:00 a.m. in an industrial yord. several vehicles and some construction equipment were destroyed. the yard shared by a roofing company and a landscaping business. fire officials say that there were lightening strikes in the area but it's not yet known if they sparked the fire. no one was injured. >>> toyota today announced a massive raul of more than 7 million 2007 to 2009 model vehicles sold in the u.s., japan, and europe.
in the city with giant's fever is still running high. >> reporter: giant's world series hopes still alive. orange lights lit up san francisco's landmarks for least one more night, but maybe nothing says team spirit like the wedding party of couple. they can thank barry zito and the rest of the giants for keeping the orange and black intact for the wedding day. >> it's been a rough stretch, but hopefully tomorrow. >> you guys might be their good luck charm. >> i hope so. >> today's pablo sandoval tweeted this photo from the locker room and even their youngest fans know it's all business tomorrow. >> i think that they are doing pretty well in the playoffs and hopefully they will go into the -- what is. >> reporter: the world series? >> yes. >> reporter: do you think they request do that? >> yes. >> reporter: we even found a cardinals' fan not feel sog confident after a day in the city with friends. are you sweating a little bit right now? >> only because i went into this store. he figured just being from was a bad omen. >> reporter: you can still get tickets for tomorrow, but be pre
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